What's the key developmental advantage of dual-language education? It builds stronger, more complex, agile minds. The French-American School of Rhode Island (FASRI) is a unique educational alternative for preschool through eighth grade. FASRI welcomes non French-speaking children from preschool up through the eight grade. Please come and visit us to find out more. Our doors are open to welcome you.

  • December 17, 2014
    A glimpse into the math and science classroom at FASRI Middle School

    “Steve Murphy (Middle School math and science teacher) is excellent at developing clear routines and strategies for the classroom that help students understand what is required of them. This allows them to delve more deeply into the subject matter," Jeremy Freitas, Director of the Middle School. Click here to learn more about the curriculum.

  • December 10, 2014
    Widening the circle: new programs for FASRI

    On Tuesday, December 9, the Board of Trustees gave the green light for three new programs beginning in the fall of 2015, and Jean-Yves Carpanèse met with the Parent Association the following morning to make the announcement. FASRI will now be offering a Late Immersion program to teach French to students entering first through the fifth grade, an Italian Language Program which will provide an immersion program for children entering preschool through kindergarten, and an International Track for students in the Middle School with no prior knowledge of French.

  • December 3, 2014
    Never too late to become bilingual

    This year, FASRI has begun accepting applications from students entering kindergarten through the fifth grade. Click here to read more about our Late Immersion Program.

  • November 20, 2014
    A culture of respect: Responsive Classroom techniques in the Elementary

    Mr. Boutin’s English classes are structured according to the principles of Responsive Classroom, a holistic class management technique that emphasizes fostering positive academic communities and encouraging learning in ways that honor each stage of a child’s development. Click here to read more!

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“I am so thankful for being educated in a multilingual environment, for this is what really separates FASRI from other schools. For the rest of my life, I know that being able to speak three different languages fluently will put me ahead of others.”
- FASRI alumnus


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Come learn about our new programs for non French-speakers!

Now accepting applications from non French-speakers from preschool through Grade 8 for our Late Immersion Program (G1-5), International Track (G6-8), and Italian Immersion Track (PS-K). Click here to find out more or email We look forward to welcoming you.

Sponsorship opportunities

As we work on our upcoming spring fundraising event, we have sponsorship opportunities to offer! Support FASRI's unique program while promoting your company. More details here. Thank you!

FASRI Language Center

Language classes for adults and children. All welcome! Please stay tuned for our exciting new programs.


Have fun in French! Our afterschool clubs are now open for fall 2014 registration. Click here to view a list of clubs offered and details about how to sign up. All our clubs are open to the community.


Our 2014 October Camp was a great success.

Learn more about camps at FASRI