At FASRI, both our faculty and staff members are chosen with great care. This careful consideration creates a team of professionals who are dedicated to success of the School and its students.

Education Directors

Audrey Talarico (Lower School & French Program) holds a French Master’s in Education and a DESS in Training and Consulting. She has taught in France, England, Northern Ireland, Minnesota and Miami. She joined FASRI in September 2008 and spent 2012/13 as the elementary division coordinator and a leader-in-training, gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to step into her role in academic leadership.
Jeremy Freitas (Middle School & English program) holds a Master’s in Teaching from Brown University. After obtaining his degree in 2008, he became a high school English teacher at the Brooklyn School for Music & Theatre, where he created curriculum for English courses (grades 9 through 12). He also holds a B.A. in Drama from Fordham University and attended NYU-Tisch School of the Arts’ Graduate Dramatic Writing Program. Jeremy joined FASRI in September 2011. He will continue to teach all English Language Arts courses in the middle school.

Maternelle / Preschool-Kindergarten

Fabienne Coelo (Teacher, Grande Section/K) has been a Maternelle teacher for over a decade. She taught for eight years at the International School of Boston before spending two years in the Maternelle of the French School of Bratislava, Slovakia. She holds a French degree in Education and joins FASRI in September 2013.
Marie Crozatier (Teacher, Moyenne Section/Pre-K) holds a Master’s degree from France in Education, Pedagogy, and Training. For the past two years, she has worked at FASRI as a support teacher, learning the ins and outs of dual-language education at the Maternelle and elementary levels.

Bethanie Beaulieu (English Teacher, Petite-Grande Section/PS-K ) is a Rhode Island-certified teacher. She has studied abroad at the Université de Haute Bretagne in Rennes, France, and also taught French in area high schools before joining FASRI in September 2010. 

Isabelle Michaels (Teacher, Moyenne-Grande Section/Pre-K-K) has been a FASRI teacher since 1997. In addition to this long history of experience, she is a certified teacher from the Loire Valley in France and holds a B.A. in Human Development and an A.A. in Education. 

Rachida Saidj (Teacher, Petite Section/Pre-school) has been working in classrooms as a teacher or teaching assistant since 2004. She holds a Massachusetts Department of Education license to teach French to students from Pre-School to Grade 12. She spent last year teaching French to young children at Small Talk Language Academy in Providence. She is a certified teacher in both the Montessori and Thibaut techniques and is very familiar with FASRI’s unique curriculum; she was a teaching assistant in 2008-09 and now has two children enrolled in the school’s Maternelle program. She joins FASRI in 2013. 

Support staff

Sokhna Daluz (Maternelle teacher’s assistant) grew up in Senegal and is a FASRI alumni parent. Sokhna joined FASRI in 2008.

Virginie Gherardi (Maternelle teacher’s assistant) is a former FASRI parent. She was born in France and lived 10 years in Asia. Virginie joined FASRI in 2009.

Justine Lenter (Maternelle teacher's assistant) holds a Master’s degree in French literature and made the move from photographer to teaching assistant in 2012. Justine Joins FASRI in 2013.

Elvire Ray (Maternelle teacher’s assistant) grew up in Marseille, France. She has a diploma from France in daycare and camp counseling. Elvire joined FASRI in 2005.

Antoinette Rodrigues (CP-CE1/ G1-G2) teacher’s assistant) comes from the Cape Verde islands. She is a native francophone and holds a teaching certification from the Ivory Coast. She joined FASRI in 1999.

Elémentaire et Collège / Elementary and Middle School

Corina Best (Middle School Spanish) holds several degrees in foreign language education and nearly 20 years’ experience teaching all over the world: the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Guadeloupe, and, most recently, at School One in Providence. She joined the FASRI team in September 2011.

Robert Boutin (G2-G3 English) has a Master’s in Teaching from UMass Dartmouth and completed a graduate-level course on skillful teaching at Fitchburg State College. In addition, he brings a diverse background of teaching experience in French, Spanish and English. After two years in support positions, he returns to FASRI in September 2012 as a faculty member.

Adeline Broussan (Middle School Social Studies) holds a Master’s in History from the University of Toulouse, with a special focus on French colonialism in Southeast Asia. Before coming to Providence, she taught French as a Second Language to Thai adults for several years.  She joined FASRI in December 2009.

Pierre Cambucco (CM2/G5 French) is a French-certified teacher from Paris. He has taught English, French, Math, and Social Studies at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels in France since 2000.

Anthony Charlopeau (CP/G1 French) holds a Master’s degree in Education from France, as well as degrees in Spanish, English, and computers. He worked in a variety of pre-school and primary classrooms before joining FASRI in 2013.

Céline Cyr (CE2/G3 French) is a French-certified elementary teacher the South of France, by way of the International School of Arizona. In addition to her teaching degree, she also holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She joined FASRI in September 2010.

Bethanie Beaulieu (CP/G1 English) is a Rhode Island-certified teacher. She has studied abroad at the Université de Haute Bretagne in Rennes, France, and also taught French in area high schools before joining FASRI in September 2010.

Sébastien Ez Zahi (CE1 / G2 French) is a French-certified teacher from Troyes, France, with a background in a variety of grade levels. In addition to his degree in Education, he also holds a Master’s in Law. He joined FASRI in September 2008.

Susan Gaudemard (Grades 4-5 English) holds a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Boston College, and a B.A. in Elementary & Special Education. She joins FASRI in 2013 from the Sacred Heart School in Roslindale, Massachusetts, where she was a fulltime elementary classroom teacher. Susan is trilingual, speaking English, French, and Spanish, and spent time in a bilingual environment while student teaching at the International Charter School in Pawtucket.


Mathieu Hoffmann (CM1/G4 French) comes to FASRI from Lorraine, on the eastern border of France. He is a French-certified teacher and also holds degrees in Communications and Information Technology.

Pascale Lord (CP-CE1 / G1-G2 French) has been a teacher for over seventeen years. Before joining FASRI in 2013, she taught at various schools in France and for three years at the French American School of Puget Sound in Washington, as an elementary and art teacher. She has a CAPES and strong background in art, which she taught for many years, and her 
creativity will be a great addition to the classroom.
Hans Bertrand Mugnier (Middle School French Language Arts) holds a Master’s degree from France in language instruction at the University of Bourgogne with a focus on theories of teaching and learning. He joins FASRI in 2013 after being teaching in Estonia and Jordan, where he taught at the, middle school, high school, and college levels. He is passionate about French literature.

Arts and Technology

Olivia Anderson (Librarian/Choir director) holds a Master’s in English from the University of Reims, France. She tutored and taught French extensively in the United States at all levels (Wheaton College, Stonehill College, and the Sage School). Olivia has been at FASRI since 1997.

Miles Henderson (Director of Technology) holds a Master of Education in Instructional Design & Technology. He was the Instructional Technology Teacher for ten years at Mount Saint Charles Academy in Woonsocket and the Director of Technology there for four years.