Mission, Vision, Values


FASRI develops globally connected, responsible, and adaptable citizens through an exceptional multi-language program that empowers students to realize their full potential.


  • FASRI will provide an exceptional and unique preschool through eighth grade educational experience that prepares global citizens.
  • Our foundation will be a dual-language platform on which students develop linguistic and cultural fluency in two languages, with the aspiration of attaining competence in at least one other language.
  • Through this multi-language lens, we will advance learning based on an approach that integrates the best of French and American curricula, and is informed by other countries specific to the additional language tracks we may develop.
  • We will emphasize creativity, critical thinking, and social responsibility as students engage in active learning that includes the social sciences, mathematics, science, technology, and the arts.
  • We aspire to grow our student population and to create greater awareness-locally, nationally and internationally-about who we are, what we do and the difference we believe it makes for our students and their families.
  • This growth will require us to build fiscal strength, improve and optimize the use of facilities, expand the use of technology, and develop relationships and partnerships with others as we pursue our goals in the service of preparing students to meaningfully and effectively engage as citizens of the world.