Your support is vital to FASRI students' success: your gift makes all the difference! Thank you.



Your support of the FASRI Fund makes our school stronger.

THANK YOU for your support of the FASRI Fund: our goal is to raise $55,000 to ensure we can give the best dual language education possible to our students. We need your help. To help us this school year, please make your gift by June 30, 2015.

Tuition alone doesn't cover the full price of FASRI's top-ranked immersion and dual language program.

It's expensive to satisfy the lofty standards of the French Ministry Education, which certifies our curriculum and methods. It's expensive to maintain and expand a facility serving hundreds of pounding feet and energetic minds. This is where the FASRI Fund comes in. 

What your help buys

Your financial support helps FASRI with everything: from our advanced computer network ... to teaching materials in both languages ... to physical plant improvements ... to building our cash reserves and rainy day funds ... to recruitment of teaching staff. This year, we're giving you the choice of what you would like your gift to support:

  • Technology/Library: technology's role in education is constantly evolving. Tools like tablets and computers and a well-equipped library are crucial to what we do for students.
  • Enrichment programs: giving children of all grades the chance to tackle new challenges during the school day like swimming, kayaking or skating.
  • Professional development: students benefit when teachers develop their skills and network with peers.
  • Financial aid: helping FASRI families in need gives more children access to this unique education.
  • FASRI's most urgent needs: we have many needs, including educational supplies, program development, student support, building and infrastructure maintenance. Choosing this category allows FASRI to direct your gift to where it is most needed.

Our classrooms depend on your generosity more than you might imagine. When you're solicited, please say yes! Should a FASRI Fund designated area become oversubscribed, FASRI will direct your gift to where it is needed most. Merci!

Celebrating FASRI donors

FASRI wants to celebrate you, our donors for your support! We are committed to honor and recognize your support by following the Donor's Bill of Rights (PDF)

We value gifts at every level. We have chosen the names of our giving levels to reflect your belief in FASRI’s mission, vision, spirit of enterprise, and innovation. We also want to mark the connections between France and the French language and Rhode Island. L’Espoir means Hope, the state motto, and Le Coq Rouge – the red rooster – joins together one of the national symbols of France and the Rhode Island state bird.

The Visionaries             $5,000+
Citizens of the World    $3,000+
The Entrepreneurs        $2,250+
La Francophonie           $1,500+
Lifelong Learners          $1,000+
L’Espoir                            $650+
The Scientists                 $500+
Les Artistes                     $300+
Le Coq Rouge                 $150+
India Point Park             $1-$149


Merci beaucoup!

Questions? Please call Louise Jakobson in the Advancement office at 401 274 3325 or email at